Monday, August 3, 2009

Where Do You Want to Eat Tonight?

New Place That Just Opened

Zoe's Kitchen
3701 S Shepherd Drive
Houston, Texas 77098-4209
(713) 522-7447

Pros: Modern-casual decor. Super-fast takeout. Healthy options like slaw and potato salad without mayo. Friendly staff. Yummy fresh-made desserts. Wine and beer. Patio. Excellent chicken kebob plate, according to my carnivorous fiancé.

Cons: Smells a little odd when you walk in. The vegetarian items on the menu include a veggie pita pizza and Mediterranean tuna pita that are too salty, and spinach rollup that are not very flavorful.

Verdict: Good place for fast, easy, fairly healthy order-at-the-counter dining.

Place That Everyone Knows

El Rey Cuban-Mexican Taqueria
910 Shepherd Drive
Houston, Texas 77007-5302
(713) 802-9145

Pros: Absolutely fresh-squeezed orange juice. Great coffee. Fried plantains. Healthy options like whole-wheat tortillas.

Cons: Drive-through can be chaotic due to its awkward placement in the parking lot. They almost consistently forget something when you get takeout (like the sauce or the side you requested). Not very many vegetarian options.

Verdict: Great place for a quick, flavorful meal with options that are slightly different than the regular Mexican taqueria.

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