Tuesday, August 18, 2009

W Grill

What used to be Bright & Early Coffee at the corner of Washington Avenue and Durham Drive is now the W Grill. I never visited the old place, but I've been to the new place three times (mostly because my fiancé is tempted by their unashamedly less-than-healthy food).

  • Double drive-through.
  • Hot, fresh fries.
  • My fiancĂ© likes their turkey burger.
  • In the mornings, they serve breakfast.
  • The serve fruit smoothies and coffee.
  • One day when I was craving the sinfulness of a grilled cheese sandwich, the W Grill came through for me.


  • Even with the double drive-through, the service is slow (although, to be fair, it appears to be because they are making each order fresh).
  • The ONLY vegetarian meal option (unless you want a yogurt parfait or another brekkie item) is the grilled cheese sandwich. I can't keep going there unless they get with the program a little and offer at least a veggie burger. Come on, people. Even Burger King offers a veggie burger.

The Verdict
It's a decent drive-through place if you're looking for a burger and fries of a higher caliber than what you'd get at a regular fast-food joint. But they need to expand their menu a bit.

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