Saturday, August 8, 2009

Art Fix

Sometimes I get a craving for a museum day. The last time it happened was New Year's Day of this year, and my family obliged by agreeing to spend the day looking at paintings, sculpture and other creations in the fine art museum of the town in which we were staying.

Today, it was my sister who spurred us to experience some art. She found a photography exhibit happening at the Houston Center for Photography: The 27th Anniversary Membership Exhibition, which featured some excellent images. My favorite was this one, a photo of a mailbox belonging to the poet Robert Francis. I also liked this one and this one.

Then, we headed over the Contemporary Arts Museum. Shown here is the outside of the building.

I liked many of the exhibits, which featured an inexplicable movie about flight attendants made with barbie dolls, a boat-building workshop (once the boat is finished, the artists plan to set it on fire, Viking-style), photos of Houston, a huge round table used both for artists' meetings and their performances, a Fundred Dollar Bill project room, and a shop selling what could truly be called junk — a dead lizard, old cans of beans, a rubber-band ball, someone's old college degree. My fiancĂ© felt it would be more appropriate to call it the Experimental Art Musuem — but that's the great thing about art. Everyone has different opinions about it, and that's OK.

To top it all off, both the Houston Center for Photography and the Contemporary Arts Museum are FREE.

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